Building an online identity

I have been wondering over time whether blogging should require me to have something valuable to say. Or is it more a way to cleanse my mind and focus your thoughts here and there.

I guess having or not having an audience is a crucial part to answer this. As of now I do not have any – hence it does not matter to others whether what I blog about is valuable or not. So for now focusing my thoughts will be the primary raison d’etre for this blog. This might gradually shift over time, depending whether an audience starts to materialize.

Today I have been wondering on what it takes to excite people. I am currently in the process of working on a new idea and part of this process is, to excite people around me. Basically everybody, contractors, partners, mentors, investors has be be excited about what I am working on right now.

I had two experiences yesterday and today. Yesterday I spoke to a group of 7 people about my project and today I spoke to 2 guys. I think that establishing a dialog – even if it is non-verbal – is critical to create excitement. It allows you to throttle the information flow and adapt it to the audience. Only then you know how to move your audience from one point to the next, ensure you are understood and eventually create a climax that excites the audience. Without that dialog it seems to be very difficult for me to excite the audience – I guess this is because speaking to large audiences requires a totally different approach of story telling.

I think it is possible to create a dialog in a group of up to 10 people – it just seems be more difficult as you have to be more finely tuned to each individual and try to get everybody aligned somehow. Combined with rising excitement the larger the audience makes this a challenging task.

I learned something in those two meetings: Start slower with your story the larger your audience. Instead focus on building that dialog and only after you feel the majority is on board, go ahead with the story telling.


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