Cities to live in

Today I read a blog post from Paul Graham about living in major cities like New York, Paris, SF etc. Though I do not agree with everything he says, I like the way he is pointing to the different messages that a city communicates. I have come to New York 6 years ago primarily because I heard a message when I visited NY the first time in 1996. Since then I knew that I had to live in NY.

Over time I lived in many different neighborhoods and the message still keeps changing and keeps attracting me. I agree with Paul’s assessment that NY is a lot about money. Not only because of the cost of living but as well because of the cities focus on its prime industry: Financial Services. Building a technology startup in this environment is hard as your main currency is inspiration and ideas. Both of which do not translate well – in the short-term – into money.

But then there are many other sides to NY that are not about money: The arts (yes most artists still come to NY, though they might be visiting and not living here anymore), the sense of community in small neighborhoods (maybe not so much in Manhattan) and the search for the newest in nightlife (Food, Performance, etc.). I figure that in the end one will have to move somewhere else to summarize and compare to somewhere else. I am not at this point right now.


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