Since the beginning of the year, I have been going through a big transition in my professional live. For nearly 8 years I helped to built a successful company (ClickandBuy) against all odds. I transitioned out at the end of last year and since then have been repositioning and refocusing on something completely different. This context switch took much longer than I thought. Only now, after working 10 month on my new idea, I realized that I left my old role behind me and feel 100% immersed by this new company, this new idea and this completely different industry.

We started ClickandBuy in March 2000 before the bubble burst and launched right into the decline of Web 1.0 in the summer that same year. In this negative environment we were able to survive because we believed in our product and the value that our company would bring to the market place. But of course there were times of doubt. In fact it was easy to dismiss what we were trying to do, because of the market sentiment, the competition of incumbents (banks & telcos) and because of the complexity of the industry we were in (we probably were not fully aware of that last point). But we believed in us and made each other believe in the company, creating an interesting dynamic of identification between the founding team and the company. This identification was nurtured over nearly 8 years.

So after transitioning out of ClickandBuy, it took me longer than I thought to leave my role behind. Maybe because I did not take a break but jumped right into this new idea. Finally by now the new idea fits like a glove and going back is unthinkable to me right now.


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