Thinking about the coming year

So that was 2008. It was the year in which I was able to see our son grow from a 6 month old baby into a real little boy. It was as well the year that miraculously will grow our little family with another member on its way. And it was the year that I started Strateer with a good friend. So 2008 was about beginnings. And while I could not be more fortunate with a growing family and good friends around me, business wise it has been more challenging than anticipated.

At the end of 2008 our company is not quite there were we wanted it to be. We are not off course – we are just slower than anticipated. The trouble in the financial markets were not unanticipated in the beginning of last year, but they had a bigger impact on us than I would have thought. In fact this recession is the first recession that has a direct personal influence on me. So what is the biggest thing  I learned in 2008?

Being open about your intentions, goals and ambitions opens up the people around you. That holds true for my personal and professional life. Though I was never shy about what I think, by now I am truly convinced that sharing my thoughts and starting a conversation yields a high return. Last year I learned tons of things that way.

Besides that I learned a lot about a new industry (financial markets), the NY startup environment and most important I learned a lot through new friendships that I entered in 2008.

While beginning of last year I had a rough idea on what the year would yield, today I have no clue what will happen in the next 12 months. I am anxious as there are big challenges ahead of me but at the same time there are great things happening this year (starting with the expansion of our family in April – fingers crossed). Very exciting indeed – I am looking forward to face all of that together with friends and family. In that spirit I whish everyone a succesful, satisfying and most important happy year 2009.


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